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Secrets of a teenager 

Not anymore a teenager now and hence I can say all the stupidest things I have done back then.
1. Checking out guys. It was so much fun to give nick names to guys in college and make fun of them with your friends. Ranking them according to looks was the best part :p

2. Falling in love. Wanted to fall in love so badly because that’s what you see in movies. Once you are in a relationship, you understand that it was the biggest mistake. Wrong guy ofcrouse.

3. Breakups and patch ups are daily scenes. Relationship status changes from committed to single in seconds.

4. Flirting with guys. Chatting in a dating app with a fake id. Online chatting room, definitely one of the best timepass back then.

5. Loosing your virginity to a wrong guy which you definitely regret later :/

6. Bunking classes with friends and roaming around. Hogging and movies are the best part of those days.

7. Low attendance. Makes sure you have minimum attendence level so that your parents not get informed.

8. Heartbreak. Finally you will feel that you met the right one and love him unconditionally but he leaves you just like that… and there you are, heartbroken. Love hurts wallpapers :’D

9. Low marks. You get very low scores in exams,. You will be thrown out from classes for misbehaving and you lie to your parents about everything because you are just a perfect kid infront of their eyes. (Suspension is a mess)

10. Open books only the previous day of your exam. Studying only the important questions because you have only a night left before exam.

11. Planning trips to Goa but end up going to Cochin (kerala) or somewhere nearby places instead.

12. Lying for pocketmoney. You ask parents for money by saying the stupidest thing possible just to have fun with your friends. (College fest, food festival, arts day, IV and the list goes on and on)

13. Party and hangovers. You get drunk. You smoke with your friends. You try weed and hash for the first time. Party hard. Stay at your friends place. You want to try all the nonsense possible. Just making memories though.

14. Watch porn. Getting a huge collection of it. Masturbate. (Yes girls do masturbate)

15. Reading novels. Watching English series. Bitching about others. Deleting chat history. Playing truth or dare and so on…………… (it’s a never ending list)

These are just few things that every teenager in India does but no one actually admits it.

Good old days. Regrets many things I have done back then but I’m pretty sure that I have made enough memories. 

 🙂 BLISS (:


The cost of Oxygen !! 

In one day a human being breathes oxygen equivalent to 3 cylinders. Each oxygen cylinder on an average cost Rs.700/-, without subsidy. So, in a day one uses oxygen worth Rs.2,100/- and for a full year it is Rs.7,66,500/-.

And, if we consider an average life span 65 years; the cost of oxygen we use become a staggering sum of Rs.500,00,000/- = Rs. 50 million.

All the oxygen is derived free of cost from the surrounding trees and nature…       Very few people look at trees as a RESOURCE and there’s rampant tree cutting going on everywhere by indifferent Humans which must stop. 

Please convey this to your friends and care more for tress and plant more of them to get more free oxygen for mankind. 

Don’t pollute it, good planets are hard to find.